Quarantine Queen

In the Fine Art Photography Project Quarantine Queen, Swedish photographer Anna W Thorbjörnsson explores the possibilities of the self portrait in the isolation of her home during the Covid-10 pandemic.

– Frustration, loneliness, fear, restlessness – all the time we spend at home during the pandemic evoke strong emotions.

In Quarantine Queen, I tried to capture these emotions in the self portrait and at the same time find an outlet for my withheld creativity.

All photos are taken in the seclusion of my apartment in Malmö, Sweden with props found at home.

They are often revealing, an act of self-disclosure, and presented with a text discussing that feeling.
But it’s not all gloomy and dark, self-distance and humor plays an important role.

– There’s been lots of laughter when I tried out different costumes to the delight of our five year old!

Anna W Thorbjörnsson is a photographer, author, artist and a mother. Her photography received international acclamations. The underwater photography project Waterlife has been exhibited in France, The Netherlands and Sweden and awarded in Canada.

The Fine Art Nude project The Female Eye was selected to exhibit in the 17th Century Church Sainte-Anne in Arles during the Festival Européen de la Photo de Nu and also awarded in Canada.

During the years, one of her specialties have been Fine Art Portraits, amongst others of International Opera Singers. She has also been co-creator of the video art work Sea of Tranquility and the interactive experimental opera Ran.