My interest for photography started somewhere around the age of fourteen. After discovering the dark room in my high school I spent many, many hours developing mainly black and white images. Graduating with a major in Business I started a career with an international management consultancy. 6 years later I was one of the marketing directors for a global telecom company.

When turning 30 i felt I really had to make a choice. Should photography be a passion, too often becoming second choice after business reports and management presentations. Could this be something that I really could do as a full time profession? Do I dare?

In 2007 I quit my job, bought some photography equipment an amateur could never motivate and signed the contract to my own photo studio in central Stockholm. Today, I’m happy to say I never regretted starting my own company. Working with both private and commercial, local and international clients I’ve been able to do a broad line of work, travelling the world to “shoot people”. My work consists everything from portraits and travel photography to opera, fashion magazines, weddings and under water shooting.

In recent years I also started writing in combination with my photography. 2016 I am releasing four books, three travel guide books and one art photography book.Privately I am married to author, publisher and photographer Marko T Wramén. Together we have a son born in 2015. After living in Berlin together, we moved home to Sweden when we were to become parents. Nowadays we split our time between Malmö, Stockholm, the vibrant cities of Europe or when we can –  in a warm diving spot far away.