El Roque Gran Canaria

Little village El Roque is clinging on a high cliff surrounded by the never-ending punds of the Atlantic. The very tip of the rock is home to a lovely italian restaurant, excellent for a lazy Sunda lunch. Film filmed and produced by Marko T Wramén during our work with the two guide books “Mitt Gran Canaria” and “Mitt Teneriffa” released in 2016.

Music Video The Headlines “Alles Was War”

This is what you get when you combine a Punk Rock band, the coolest of singers, an abandoned building in Berlin and a drone at Tempelhof.  “The Headlines” is heavily inspired by The Clash, Stiff Little Fingers and Ramones and based in Malmö. This is their first release in German for the German market. Produced together with M Wramén/Waterglobe Productions. The video is recorded with a combination of Canon 5D Mark III and a GoPro Black Edition mounted on a DJI Phantom 2.



Short Story The Mime

One of the first short stories filmed with the epic Canon 5D MarkII when it just hit the market, together with actress Amanda Warnerbring as the Mime. Many thanks to the Antique boutique in Old Town lendning us their venue as the mimes home. Everything shot in actual light using the Canon 5D MarkII and the 50mm 1,2 lens. Story, directing, camera and edit by Anna Thorbjörnsson. Music “You Take My Breath Away” by The Knife.