Quarantine Queen 2020

When the pandemic hit in spring 2020 it changed everything. For my own part I went from being used to explore new places, getting a constant stream of impressions – to complete stillness. However, my creative restlessness was still present and I went through the shifting emotions of disbelief, depression, anger, death anxiety, hysteria and repression all stapled on one another. And loneliness. I longed (as most human beings) to share my feelings with others.

All of this resulted in a photographic self-portrait project about a fictional persona called Quarantine Queen. From a personal perspective this was a way for me to deal with my emotions and restless creativity as well as reaching out to others. Quarantine Queen can be many things; entertaining, thoughtful, miserable, angry – frustrated and sometimes an extreme exhibitionist.

From a photographic perspective I wanted to challenge myself with using only objects in my home and also my home as the location. Of course, this mirrors the limitations of being in isolation.

How I use colour, light and composition are always important considerations, even if I use my home instead of a professional studio. I want to show that creativity overcomes technical abundance when it comes to creating an image. The power is in the idea.